American Airlines Name Correction Fee and Policy

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American Airlines Name Correction Fee And Policy

American Airlines is a renowned US airline with an extensive history from 1926. The airline operates local and international flights to many places worldwide. American Airlines serves many major U.S. cities and many foreign locations. American Airlines is part of the Oneworld alliance, which lets travelers earn and redeem miles on numerous airlines. American Airlines has upgraded its services and facilities. American Airlines enables name changes on tickets. Itineraries with solely American Premiere and American Eagle flights may have minor name revisions in the same PNR. For further information, contact American Airlines customer support. Learn about American Airlines' name correction below. 

To connect to American Airlines customer service, call (800) 433-7300. They will assign you with an agent who will guide you related to American Airlines name correction fees and other things. 

American Airlines Name Correction Fee

Whether you're a frequent flyer or just taking a one-time trip, ensuring your name is spelled correctly on your ticket is essential. However, American Airlines has a name correction fee if you notice a name mistake. This fee applies if you need to change the spelling of your first, middle, or last names. The cost varies depending on your ticket type but typically ranges from $75 to $150 per passenger. It's important to note that the name correction fee only covers minor name changes. To make significant changes, like changing the name entirely, you may need to buy a new ticket and pay any fees or fare differences that apply.

How to Request an American Airlines for Name Change?

American Airlines has name-change policies. Follow the steps for a seamless process. Here are the procedures to update your American Airlines ticket name: 

1. Contact American Airlines support. Contact them via phone, email, or social media.

2. Explain your name change request and offer supporting documents such as a marriage certificate or legal documents.

3. Pay any name change costs since American Airlines usually charges for this on Air Arabia flights.

4. If necessary, provide any additional information or supporting documentation requested by the airline.

Request a name change when needed because some airlines may have time restrictions or fees for making changes.

American Airlines Name Change Due to Marriage

American Airlines name correction after marriage is allowed. Misspellings, married/maiden/divorce names, legal names, secondary last names, inverted names, and other TSA government-required names may be corrected by American Airlines. After marriage, you can contact American Airlines customer care service for a name change facility. They will inform you about the steps and procedures to change your name after marriage. You may pay some fees to apply these changes.

American Airlines 24-hour flight change Policy

American Airlines lets travelers change flights within 24 hours without penalty. This policy covers all fares, including Basic Economy. If the origin and destination airports are identical, passengers may modify their flight date, time, or destination. If the new flight costs are higher, travelers must pay the difference. American Airlines website, mobile app, and customer care may modify your trip. Within 24 hours after booking, passengers may cancel flights and get a full refund. This policy only applies to American Airlines flights purchased directly, not via third-party websites or travel agents. Passengers who booked seat assignments or checked luggage may be unable to need help to move to the next aircraft or get refunds.


American Airlines allows their passengers to change their name on tickets, But Review your booking details, including the name, before completing your order. This will help you prevent issues and name changes. Don't worry if you need to change your American Airlines ticket name. Follow American Airlines' name correction policy and recommendations, give the relevant papers, and pay any fines to fix the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to fix a misspelled name on an American Airlines ticket?

Ans. Don't worry if you misspelled your name on an American Airlines ticket! Fix the mistake to guarantee a pleasant trip.  1. Contact American Airlines customer support immediately after realizing the error. 2. Explain the circumstances and spell your name correctly. 3. If the error is small, like a missing letter or misspelling, American Airlines may let you fix it. 4. American Airlines may need a passport or ID to verify your name's spelling. Airlines charge for ticket changes, so expect a name change cost. 6. If the error is significant, such as a different name, the airline may compel you to cancel and rebook. This may result in cancellation costs or fare changes. 7. Airlines may have time limits for flight adjustments, so act fast.

Q. What happens if my last name is spelled wrong on my airline ticket?

Ans. If your name needs to be corrected on your ticket, the best thing to do is bring it to the company's attention. Most of the time, it's easy for them to change it for you. Depending on how your name is written, you may not even need to change it.

Q. Can I change my name on an American Airlines basic economy ticket?

Ans. With a refunded ticket, you don't have to pay extra to change or cancel your trip. A key that isn't redeemable may cost less, but if you need to change it, you'll have to pay a change fee and the price difference. You can't make any changes when you buy a Basic Economy ticket.

Q. How to change a non-refundable ticket?

Ans. There are ways to modify your American Airlines non-refundable ticket. Non-refundable tickets usually have limitations and change costs, although American Airlines allows booking changes under certain situations. An essential guide to changing a non-refundable American Airlines flight: Read the fare rules: Read your non-refundable ticket's terms and conditions. Check limitations, costs, and deadlines for modifications. American Airlines website: American Airlines' website has a "Manage Reservations" area. To access your reservation, enter your booking reference, ticket number, and last name.

Q. Does your plane ticket have to match your ID exactly?

Ans. If the name or title on the American Airlines schedule matches the identification card, boarding might be allowed. Ensure your name is saved in your frequent flyer or online travel profile. You must change your key if the name on your ticket and passport don't match. American Airlines will charge a small mistake for free, while others will charge a fee that depends on the size of the error.

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