How Many Bags Can I Check for Free on Delta?

Date: 2023-07-05   Category: Airlines Article   Author: Airlines Booking Agent
How Many Bags Can I Check For Free On Delta

One of the largest airlines in the U.S.A., whose hub is located in Atlanta, Georgia. You will get an extraordinary and luxurious experience with Delta Airlines. This blog will answer what you all need to know about your baggage during, after or before the trip.

Delta's check-in policy allows you to check baggage for free, but some specific terms and conditions are applicable and will help you in your next onboard journey.

The first baggage is free on delta airlines as per Delta Airlines policy, and the second bag if you belong to the premium class; otherwise, that will cost you a tremendous amount of money.

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

The Delta Airlines Baggage Policy will help you further which is discussed given below:

  • The first personal item and carry on-item would be free.
  • Fees would be levied on your checked baggage/hold luggage as per bag increase.
  • Fees would be levied on oversized and overweight bags. 
  • In the case of sports equipment, specific fees would be applicable.
  • If you want to know more about luggage policy, visit Delta Airlines' website or check their social media handles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Delta Baggage Fees

If you are traveling from Delta to any other destination and wondering about the prices and fees of Delta Baggage, then you should know given below instructions and guidelines:

  • Your first item would be free.
  • Any item other than the first item would have costs or charges.
  • Depending upon where your destination lies, the checked baggage would be levied with fees.
  • Other charges will also be levied if you have overweight baggage or luggage.
  • In the case of sports equipment, different charges would be levied or charged.

How Much Does it Cost to Check Two Bags With Delta?

If you are traveling to your destination and wondering How much it costs to check two bags with Delta, then you should know given below guidelines and instructions:

  • If you booked your ticket with first class, Delta offers up to two free checked baggage.
  • Also, if you belong to Delta Premium Select or Delta One, it offers up to two free checked baggage.
  • Premium Cabin flights are more costly compared to economy class.
  • If you travel with over baggage or luggage, the fare will likely increase, and you have to be levied with a cost or baggage fee.
  • It is also good and recommended that you check baggage fees or baggage policy before you leave for departure and your destination.

You All Need to Know Delta Baggage Policy Before You Leave for Departure

Before you leave for your flight and destination, you must be aware of other activities that are required before you take the flight and after your flight. Hence, you avoid any hassles or unexpected circumstances.

You Need to Know All About Baggage Policy so You Can Pack 

accordingly and avoid any extra baggage fees. You will be charged fees if your baggage turns out to be overweight or over luggage. In the case of sports equipment, other charges would be levied. If you belong to first class or premium class, Delta Baggage would be free up to 2 baggage; after that, you would be charged a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the baggage allowance for Delta Economy Class passengers?

Ans. The baggage allowance for Delta Economy Class passengers typically includes one free checked bag, subject to specific size and weight limits.

Q. Can I prepay for additional checked bags when booking my Delta flight?

Ans. Yes, you can typically prepay for additional checked bags when booking your Delta flight, either online during the booking process or later through your reservation

Q. What are the size and weight limits for free checked bags on Delta flights?

Ans. Delta's size and weight limits for free checked bags on domestic flights are usually 62 linear inches (158 cm) in total dimensions and a maximum weight of 50 pounds (23 kilograms) per bag. However, it's essential to check the latest baggage policies on Delta's website, as rules may vary for international flights and certain fare classes.

Q. Are there different baggage allowances for Delta First Class and Delta Comfort+ passengers?

Ans. Yes, Delta First Class passengers generally have a higher baggage allowance compared to Delta Comfort+ passengers, typically allowing more checked bags and greater weight limits.

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