Jetblue Change Name Policy: Correction & Fees

Date: 2023-08-31   Category: Airlines Article   Author: Airlines Booking Agent
Jetblue Change Name Policy

United States low-cost carrier JetBlue is popular. The 1998-founded airline offers low rates and great service. JetBlue flies almost 1,000 times a day across the Americas. JetBlue is known for its large seating, which offers greater legroom than competing airlines. JetBlue also provides free Wi-Fi, unlimited snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages. Changing an airline ticket name is difficult and irritating. Name changes are strictly regulated by many airlines, and fees vary. If the name change does not change the passenger's identification, several airlines may allow simple spelling fixes for free. JetBlue Change name policy started significantly on March 1, 2022. Passengers can now modify their reservation name for $75. This enhanced flexibility lets consumers easily fix problems or make improvements. JetBlue previously would not accept name changes, frustrating travelers who made mistakes during booking. However, this regulatory change attempts to improve passenger comfort. Each transaction costs $75. 

For more information regarding Jetblue's change name policy, call Jetblue customer care service at (800) 538-2583. They will assign you an agent who will guide you further. 

JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Online

You can quickly change your JetBlue Airlines booking name online. How to: 

1. Click "Manage Trips" on JetBlue Airlines' website.

2. Click "Find Flight" using your confirmation code and last name.

3. Choose the flight to correct the name.

4. Click "Edit Passenger Info".

5. Change the passenger's name and click "Save Changes."

6. Review the changed information and click "Confirm Changes" to amend the name.

7. Name alterations may cost based on tariff rules and ticket type.

8. After the modification, You will receive a confirmation email with the amended information.

Change Your Name on JetBlue Flight Tickets via Mobile App

Consumers may modify their flight ticket names through JetBlue's mobile app. This convenient option lets passengers fix errors or make changes without calling or visiting JetBlue customer service. Update your ticket name with a few simple actions on the mobile app. First, log into JetBlue on the app and find your reservation. Manage your reservation and click "Name Change" from there. Click it and input your ID's name. Review the changes, submit the request, and you're done!

JetBlue Airlines Name Correction Offline

JetBlue Airlines recently announced offline name revisions. This eliminates the need to call customer care to correct a name mistake while purchasing a flight. The JetBlue website lets them make the modifications themselves. This new function may reduce customer service calls and save customers time. Customers must show identity and verification of name spelling to correct the spelling. This option is intended for minor name edits, not substantial changes or passenger transfers. 

JetBlue Change Name on Ticket after Marriage

After marriage, this change typically requires updating personal information on documents like flight tickets. JetBlue passengers who got married may be asking how to change their ticket name.

After marriage, changing your JetBlue ticket name is easy. To guarantee a smooth transition, supply a few key documents. The marriage certificate, current identification with your new name, and original ticket or booking confirmation are normal.

Contact JetBlue's customer care to change your name. They will walk you through the process and advise you of any special needs. 

JetBlue Change Name fees

JetBlue passengers are lucky. Customer-friendly JetBlue name change fees are no exception. JetBlue does not charge for domestic name changes, unlike many other airlines. This means you can modify your JetBlue ticket name without paying more. This is wonderful news for travelers who still need to legally book their flights or change their names. JetBlue's name change policy shows its dedication to customer service. 


You can change your name on a JetBlue Airlines ticket by going online to your booking and following the instructions to change passenger details. But it's always a good idea to check the JetBlue Change Name policy and call customer service if you need more help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change a passenger's name on a JetBlue ticket?

Ans. Yes, you can change a passenger's name on a JetBlue ticket. Only small changes or fixes to the title are allowed, like changing a mistake or updating the key to show a formal name change, like when a person gets married and changes their last name.

Q. Can I change my flight ticket to another name?

Ans. Since tickets are non-transferable, name changes on confirmed reservations are not allowed. Cancel your passport and book one with the new passenger's name. Any cancellation fees will apply.

Q. Can I change the name on a JetBlue ticket after online check-in?

Ans. JetBlue Change Name Policy states that name changes are not allowed on ticketed PNRs. However, JetBlue will let you use the ticket for another customer if you book a new PNR, charge the fare increase, and pay the change fees. 

Q. How can I change the name on my JetBlue flight reservation?

Ans. Changing the name on your JetBlue flight reservation is relatively straightforward. You can do it online through the JetBlue website or by calling customer service. If you do it online, log into your account, go to your itinerary, and select the "edit traveler name" option. Follow the prompts to enter the correct name. If you prefer to do it over the phone, have your reservation details ready and contact JetBlue's customer service. They will assist you in updating the name on your reservation.

Q. Can I correct a misspelled name on my JetBlue booking?

Ans. JetBlue Change Name Policy allows for any change to match the customer's government-issued ID/Passport, as long as the date of birth and gender remain the same. Mid-trip name changes will necessitate rebooking the correct name in a new reservation.

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