How to use Southwest Airlines' low-fare calendar Flight Deals?

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How To Use Southwest Airlines' Low-fare Calendar Flight Deals

Southwest Airlines' website has a Low Fare Calendar. It finds the cheapest flights for users' dates. It lets travellers easily compare fares across dates to find the best deals. The Low Fare Calendar shows the lowest fare for each day over a month. Select departure and destination cities and browse the calendar for the best deals. Below are Southwest Airlines' low-fare calendar instructions:

1. Find the Southwest Airlines Low-Fare Calendar under "Flight" on their website.

2. Choose your destination and departure city from the drop-down.

3. Select one-way or round-trip flights.

4. Choose your travel month and year.

5. Check the calendar for the lowest-priced days of the month.

6. Select a date to see the fare.

7. Click it to book.

8. Review flight options for that date, including departure and arrival times.

9. Choose your flights and pay.

10. Enter passenger and payment information to complete your booking.

For more information regarding Southwest Airlines low fare calendar, call us at (800) 435-9792, and we will provide you with an agent who will guide you further. 

Where does Southwest fly to for $59?

Southwest Airlines' low-fare calendar offers one-way flights for $59,. The destinations at this price vary by season and promotion. Southwest consistently offers popular routes at low prices. Southwest offers $59 flights to Orlando, Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville, and Los Angeles. 

Where does Southwest Airlines go for $49 one-way?

Plenty of $49 one-way destinations are available. Southwest covers weekend getaways and quick business trips. Flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Chicago to Detroit, Houston to New Orleans, Denver to Phoenix, and others for $49 is popular. Southwest's low-fare calendar lets you travel the US on a budget.

What day is the cheapest to buy Southwest?

Southwest Airlines tickets are cheapest on Tuesdays.

  • Weekends are less likely to have cheap tickets because families and friends travel more. 
  • Wednesday has the lowest ticket price drop chance. 
  • Southwest usually releases its lowest fares on Tuesdays as part of its weekly promotions. 
  • The best Tuesday flight deals are early in the morning or late in the evening. 

The Southwest Airlines low-fare calendar has the cheapest flights.

Is there a day of the week that is cheaper to fly?

Days of the week are cheaper to fly. Studies show that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest flight days. These days, they are less popular with travellers, lowering demand and prices. Due to business and leisure travel, Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive days to fly. You can also find cheaper flights by flying in late fall or early spring. Consider the Southwest Airlines low-fare calendar to save money on flights. 


Southwest Low Fare Calendar is a valuable resource for finding the best deals and saving money on airfare. Southwest Airlines is always known for providing the best services to its passengers. You can rely on them as your time is valuable for Southwest Airlines. Stay Safe. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I find last-minute flight deals on Southwest Airlines' low-fare calendar?

Ans. Yes, you can often find last-minute flight deals on Southwest Airlines' low-fare calendar, making it a useful tool for spontaneous travelers seeking discounted fares.

Q. Are there any restrictions or blackout dates when using the low-fare calendar?

Ans. Yes, there may be restrictions or blackout dates when using Southwest Airlines' low-fare calendar, so it's essential to check the specific terms and conditions for each fare.

Q. Are there any tips for finding the best deals using Southwest Airlines' low-fare calendar?

Ans. To find the best deals using Southwest Airlines' low-fare calendar, be flexible with your travel dates, check regularly for new fare updates, and consider booking well in advance or during promotions for optimal savings.

Q. How can I set up fare alerts for specific routes using Southwest's low-fare calendar?

Ans. To set up fare alerts for specific routes using Southwest's low-fare calendar, visit the Southwest Airlines website and sign up for fare alerts by entering your desired route and travel preferences.

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