How much does it cost to change an Airlink flight

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How Much Does It Cost To Change An Airlink Flight

At times we book the flight but, due to some situations and circumstances, decide to change our plans and have to change our travel schedule as well. When you book a flight with Airlink, you may think, how can you change your Airlink flight?   

Get all the details on how to change the Airlink flight here.

Thinking, If you can reschedule your flight with Airlink? The simple way to get your answer is to contact Airlink Flight on their customer care numbers. The Airline helps you with all travel-related questions and has simple procedures and policies in place for various services like booking, cancellation and changes in flight detail.  

When you have questions such as How do I change the Airlink flight

What is the cost of changing the Airlink flight?

Let's take a look at the procedure to change the Airlink flight. 

  • Go to the official website of Airlink.
  • Look for the tab 'Manage Booking'.
  • Fill in the last name and PNR number.
  • After entering the details, you will see a new page with all the flight details.
  • Select the option 'Change' and make the desired changes, like departure date and time or seat. 
  • Once details are entered, confirm the changes you are going to make. 
  • To apply the change, make a payment. (If applicable)
  • Follow the instructions on the website, pay and complete the process.
  • After completing the process, you will get a confirmation of the newly booked ticket or changes made to your registered email.

You can call the Airlink Flight to make the changes, as their customer care staff is helpful and professional. You just have to confirm your identity and share some relevant information with them, and they will help you get the desired amendments. They will let you know if there is any fee applicable. You can ask them about the policy to avoid the charges. 

The fee of the Airlink Flight change depends on some factors such as the type of flight class, the baggage you want to carry during travel, the number of passengers, and the route you want to travel. 

You must contact the Airline before processing any changes. However, the Flight Change Fee is around $50. Also, you can check with the Airline if there's any process to make changes without a fee.    

Can I change my flight time Airlink?

Airlink Flight allows you to make the changes you may need. Suppose you had a date scheduled to fly from New York JFK to Singapore SIN and, for some particular reason, can not take the flight on the scheduled day. And now worried about changing flight time on Airlink. 

In this case, you can call the Airline and speak to their trained staff to get help on Airlink Flight time change. Or if don't want to go through the long hold issues or not comfortable sharing your flight details over the phone, go to the official website of Airlink Flight FlyAirlink and follow the above-mentioned steps.  

How do I reschedule my Airlink flight?

You can choose to call or visit the website. You have both options to reschedule your flight. To make changes on the website, follow the tips below.

  1. Visit the official website of Airlink Airlink Flight.  
  2. Search the tab 'Manage Booking'.
  3. Tap in your last name and PNR number.
  4. After entering the details, you will get a new page with the flight details.
  5. Hit the option 'Change' and make the desired changes, like departure date and time or seat. 
  6. Once details are entered, re-check the changes you are going to make. 
  7. Make payment to apply the changes (If applicable)
  8. Read the instructions on the website carefully, pay and complete the change process.
  9. After completing the change process, you will get a confirmation of your newly booked ticket or changes made on your registered email.

Or you can call contact numbers per your location or choose to send emails.

  • The USA Sales & Reservations | 4ZUSCA@aviareps.us | 833-493-0034
  • Saudi Arab Reservations Tel | + 972 3 7951555
  • New Zealand Reservations telephone | +64 09 888 4053
  • Canada Sales & Reservations | 4ZUSCA@aviareps.us | 833-493-0034
  • Asia Reservations telephone | +65 9220 9322
  • South Africa Angola Luanda GSA - Gitu Kiame-Viagens Airport Office | +244 932 430 052
  • Kenya AviaReps | +254782121077 | Airlinkreservations.Kenya@aviareps.com

Airlink Flight Change Policy, Airlink Change Flight Fees

On Airlink, You are allowed to change your flight date through the website or Airlink customer service. And in case you have some critical situation, then you can change your flight time as well. To change your flight time, you have to contact the Airline.

If needed, in a medical emergency or some legal issues, the Airline can help you change your flight time. The Airlink flight time will change as per the policy, and you may have to pay the amount (if applicable ) 

Airlink Change Flight via Customer Service Number

Reach customer care to make changes on the Airlink Flight. You can call the given numbers as you prefer. 

  • The USA Reservations 833-493-0034
  • Saudi Arab Reservations + 972 3 7951555
  • New Zealand Reservations +64 09 888 4053
  • Canada Reservations 833-493-0034
  • Asia Reservations +65 9220 9322

How do I change my flight date on Airlink?

In case you booked the flight directly on the Airlink website, you can contact the Airlink Reservations Support desk at +27 11 451 7300 and select option 1 or E-Ticketing@flyairlink.com. Alternatively, changes can be made on our website. 

Airlink flight date change policy

Passengers who want to change the name, date or time of their ticket must process or request the change up to one hour before the scheduled departure time with no charge. And after 60 minutes, no changes are permitted.

Can I change my Airlink flight date without a fee?

Yes, you can change your Airlink Flight Date without a fee. You just need to keep the guidelines in mind while processing the changes. You can go through the website to learn more about the policies. Also, the customer care executive will take you through the complete process and share the payment details if applicable in your specific scenario.  

Can I change my flight time with Airlink?

Flight time change on Airlink Flight is not preferred, but you can reach the website or our call centre for complete information. If you have an avoidable situation and it is a must for you to change the time of your Airlink Flight. You can call our Reservations Support desk on +27 11 451 7300 and get the necessary help. If you contact us within time as per policy, you may not have to pay a fee. 

How do I change the date of an already ticketed flight?

Your request for a flight change can be completed via call or email. The Airline can ask for your reservation number and travel dates. You can share the reason for the changes with the customer support assistant. And will guide you properly to make changes to already booked tickets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change my Airlink flight for free?

Ans. Airlink's flight change policies can vary, but typically, changing a flight may incur fees or charges depending on the fare type and the specific terms and conditions of your booking. It's recommended to check Airlink's current policy for the most accurate information regarding flight change fees and options.

Q. Do Airlink's change fees vary depending on fare class?

Ans. Yes, Airlink's change fees often vary depending on the fare class of your ticket. Different fare classes may have different change policies and associated fees, so it's important to review the specific terms and conditions of your booking for accurate information.

Q. Are there any penalties for changing a non-refundable Airlink ticket?

Ans. Yes, there are typically penalties for changing a non-refundable Airlink ticket, such as change fees and potential fare differences. The specific penalties can vary based on the fare rules and the airline's policies, so it's essential to check the terms and conditions of your ticket for precise details.

Q. How much does it cost to modify the date of my Airlink booking?

Ans. The cost to modify the date of your Airlink booking can vary depending on several factors, including the fare type, destination, and the airline's policies. To get the exact cost, it's recommended to contact Airlink's customer service or refer to the fare rules associated with your booking.

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