Accessing the website shows a goal for the services and products typically. But it requires your details, which can change and are shared on the reservation tool website, to verify your identity and get better service and knowledge. Everyone must abide by Airlines Booking Agent Privacy Policy while collecting some important information about travel services and products, advice, and help on our website. Learn all the details about the personal information we collect from you when you connect with us on our website. Collect the information about travel details, help, and other services when you access our website, and enter your name and contact details to protect your identity before you use the travel services on our website.

General terms for our Privacy Policy:

If you travel the world and access the services of our website, you should be aware of our Privacy Policy. It explains how we regularly collect the personal information you share when you visit the Site through a browser, application, and other services. We need to understand your needs so that we can identify your personal information on our airlinesbookingagent.com website. Read through the Best Travel Agent policy, which warns you not to steal data or share our services and products with suspicious people. You must agree with the details, notice, commitment, and general terms of our Privacy Policy, which always suggests that you do the same.

What type of personal information do we collect and hold:

Check the travel services you find in the updated form, and they offer you the services for convenient booking. If you want new updates, services, and prices, you have to give us the details of your requirements and get the answer from our representative through our website. You will be provided with a list of personal information that we collect when you use services on our website, and you will not share our information with any unauthorized person. You will learn how we collect personal information when you access our website for your various services and benefits.

  • You must provide us your first and last name, gender, nationality, and passport number in the required fields.
  • Before using our services, please provide your contact information, such as phone number, address, website links, and email address.
  • During the booking process, you must provide your booking information, including travel date and time, flight reservation, flight change and cancelation, and payment information.
  • We also collect information about the services we have provided to you in the past, such as travel arrangements, interactions, and customer feedback.
  • We also accept using our mobile app or subscribing to the news later, which we collect with IP address, browser type, operating system, etc.
  • When you access the website, you can submit the comments you want to share on our digital market, depending on the settings of the online market, and receive the information accordingly..

Our main purposes in collecting your personal data:

We are aware of the manner and purpose of collecting your personal information. Therefore, we suggest you enter your personal and contact information when accessing our website. If you have further doubts and want to know how to collect your personal information, you should read the following points.

  • It is essential to identify you when you receive our products and services, and we will regularly inform you about new products, services, and promotions.
  • We need to understand your needs, so we offer you a product or service through our website.
  • Setting up, administering, and managing our products and services is essential to understand you better.
  • We learn about your needs and behaviors and how you interact with us on the phone when you request the services.
  • We engage with the products and services we research, develop, and create a business strategy.
  • We also deliver our services and products by communicating with you and asking you to share our new business updates with the person you want.
  • Share with us some contact and personal information of other users looking for travel services so that we can provide them with essential services from our website safely.

Agreement for modification and privacy policy:

You must agree to the terms we use to share your important data online during a flight booking process. It is about the task for the business purpose that we operate through our website. You must understand the general privacy policies we use to grow our travel business. Unauthorized people cannot view your personal information because you have secured it with a solid ID and password. You must understand how you share your personal information and disclose your trust on our website when you use our services and assistance through our website.

Changes and Cancelation policy on Airlinesbookingagent.com:

If you cancel your airline ticket after you have booked your flight through our website, our website is not obligated to provide a refund. You can find all the information you need about booking a flight, cancelation, refund and fees on our website. You need to know the travel agency's cancelation policy, which will help you cancel your flight and get comprehensive instructions on how to cancel your flight with a full refund. In this privacy policy, you will learn that you cannot cancel a flight once you have booked it, but you will get a refund if you do. To do so, you will need to contact a travel agent who will provide you with comprehensive cancelation information.

Get our transparency:

When you contact us through our website, we take special care with the personal information you provide when making a booking request or flight cancelation. You will be introduced to the overall handling of the data you provide on our website. We provide you with a level of transparency or privacy that you can review at any time. We regularly monitor the personal information you share with us to protect against theft and theft. However, we will not allow you to steal or misappropriate any information that you collect on our website.

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