Whenever you plan a trip to your dream destination, you access the online booking site to discover the best flights and other essential services. So, before you access the travel website airlinesbookingagent.com, you should carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the airline booking agent. They allow you to use this website for your needs and purposes anytime. Remember to review the agreement between you and the website Reservation-stool, which offers a convenient way to enhance your travel experience. By accessing, using, or obtaining any content, products, or services through our website, you agree to be bound in all respects by these terms.

General agreement between customer and airlinesbookingagent.com:

The airlinesbookingagent website allows you to obtain travel information, determine the availability of travel-related goods and services, make legitimate reservations, or otherwise transact business with travel suppliers. You must contact the travel agent's terms and conditions as they relate to your visit to the website. Use our website to select products and services that you wish to book through our website or our customer service representatives. You agree to the terms and conditions before accessing our website and you will be a loyal customer forever.

  • Check the default currency on our website and find the products and services in the same currency.
  • You can quickly pay through the payment gateway processed and charged by the travel agency on the Airlinesbookingagent.com website.
  • You choose the prices, and payment in other currencies is indicative and subject to the exchange rate charged by your bank, as well as transaction fees set by the bank or other agency for the convenience of the transaction.
  • The amount shown on your credit or debit card statement may differ from the amount shown on our airlinesbookingagent.com website when you make your reservation.

So if you have any questions about these fees or the exchange rate you want to apply to your booking, you can always contact your bank, which will conveniently help you with a booking.

Booking fees and final payment:

You can reserve your flight ticket on the booking website, where you must read the terms and conditions carefully. The fees depend on the availability of the flights and tours on the booking website. You must receive the booking fee forms as part of your final payment and make the reservation or purchase a product service after the final price. As a rule, the final payment or full payment must be made within 14 days before departure. If you do not follow this rule, it may result in the booked flight being automatically canceled and you losing your deposit.

Services acceptance and fees:

There is no service fee if you purchase products or services on the Site without the advice and assistance of a travel agent. You will be charged a service fee if you require assistance from our customer service team and make your bookings online. During this process you accept the booking conditions of Airlinesbookingagent at a booking service. When it comes to the travel planning service, you must agree to the consultation fee, which is charged per passenger, and use the services accordingly. The fee is required to compensate for the time our reservation team spent researching and planning your trip. You must proceed with your reservation with us, and the consultation fee will be charged as part of the payment for your reservation with us on our official booking website You must make sure that after you enter your contact information, you receive a booking confirmation that contains the essential elements such as the description of the service, the actual prices of the booking and other information. If you do not receive a booking confirmation to your registered email address or phone number, contact the support team and let us know your request so that we can respond to you through our website.

Cancellation and Amendments and Refund:

Airlinesbookingagent.com has granted you full rights to change and cancel your flight ticket conveniently on the official booking page. It is obligatory to accept the data stored in the information system on our website and to obtain proof of the booking made by the travel consultant or yourself. Find a safe travel delivery service that you can check with your itinerary from the delivery service. Cancel your flight and request a refund from the travel advisor through our website. Get all the details about changes to your booking in terms of name, date and time, destination, and other services after connecting with a travel agent on our website. Receive the cancelation fees and other deductions per the partner's terms and conditions for the refund.


If you encounter any problems with your booking, you need to check the terms and conditions. It should be noted that the Travel Website reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any itinerary or booking made for you. The website may cancel your flight without giving any reason and terminate your membership for the services under any circumstances.

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